Total AGLD | ₳u Tokens: 1000

Total ASLV | ₳g Tokens: 0

Batch IDTokenToken QuantityHashTime Stamp Block NumberStatus
1gold1000link3/5/2024 1:15:30 PMcomplete

Total Gold Bars: 1 kg

Total Silver Bars: 0 kg

Proof of Asset : Physical Bars

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Bar | Warehouse Receipt - NFT info

Warehouse Receipt

Bar number:

The issuer of this Warehouse Receipt, AgAu AG, hereby commits and declares to deliver to the holder of this Warehouse Receipt issued in a single copy.

The following precious metals in the form of bullion (LBMA certified refiners):

1 x 1 kg Gold Bar


Serial Number

Gross weight (kg)

Gross weight (t oZ)


Owner of this Warehouse Receipt


All future AgAu Gold token holders pro rata to the number of tokens



Storage Information

Storage fee:

Annual storage fee:

Storage fee paid until (if any):

Storage Location:

Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland

Via Loomis International AG

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